Seaside Real Estate

Seaside is a historical and quaint town on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Officially founded in 1981, it has a vintage charm and small-town feel unlike anywhere else. It has been described as “the dream of a simple beautiful life.” Its charming cottages, picket fences, mom-and-pop shops, and bike rides all contribute to this vintage, friendly community vibe.
Many visitors to Seaside describe it as almost too good to be true. It is the true embodiment of a picturesque, elegant small town. The architecture of Seaside is pulls influences from Charleston, Victorian Houses, the antebellum period, and more. The pleasant residential areas are characterized by elegantly simplistic pastel houses, picket fences, and porch swings. Beach houses, pristine lighthouses, and boardwalks are also plentiful.
As its name suggests, Seaside has gorgeous beaches and oceans. Nine pavilions lead to Seaside’s famous sugar-white beaches and crystal clear waters. Unlike other popular beaches that are packed with crowds and littered with trash, Seaside is a tranquil, serene, and beautiful place. Seaside also offers unique small-town shopping and dining experiences. Clothing boutiques and shops like “The Fitness Fetish,” “Mercantile,” and “Seaside Kids” are staples for the townspeople. Art marketplaces like a pottery painting shop and a studio are popular hotspots. Specialty shops like “Duckies Shop of Fun” are also abundant. Local restaurants that are within walking distance from the houses and the beach are also convenient and delicious features of Seaside!
The Seaside Institute is an organization that aims to bring culture and education to the community of Seaside. It especially educates the townspeople in planning, development, architecture, and urbanism. Some programs that exist because of the Institute are the Seaside Repertory Theater and “Escape to Create.” This Institute symbolizes the close-knit Seaside community, and how its residents strive to better the town. Seaside also has a charter school, nondenominational chapel, and art gallery. Overall Seaside is the epitome of graceful simplicity. It’s a town that values friendship, and working together as a community.

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